Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology and Mayo Medical Laboratories Partner with Kindstar Global

The Mayo Clinic Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology (DLMP) and Mayo Medical Laboratories (MML) leadership recently returned from a visit to collaborative partner Kindstar Global, based in Wuhan, China. The company has recently launched 11 tests as a result of DLMP/MML knowledge sharing. Kindstar, with operations in Wuhan, Beijing and Shanghai, China, was established in 2003 to provide esoteric reference testing in China.

Kindstar laboratory facility in Wuhan.

The Kindstar and DLMP collaboration helps to accelerate Kindstar’s development and launch of high quality esoteric tests in the China market and their adoption by physicians. During the last visit, DLMP and MML representatives validated Kindstar’s quality standards has achieved collaboration expectations, visited hospitals and viewed the progress of construction on a new laboratory facility in Beijing, which will be finished in August. In addition, three Mayo Clinic physicians presented academic lectures to community physicians and Kindstar employees.

“We are extremely pleased with the collaboration thus far and the progress our partner, Kindstar, has made as a direct result of our knowledge sharing,” said Brian Meade, Chief Operations Officer of Mayo Medical Laboratories. “We are excited about the future of this partnership and the opportunity to enhance the availability of esoteric laboratory testing to patients in China”

The current Kindstar test menu has approximately 750 tests, focused on hematology, oncology, genetics, infectious diseases, and cardiovascular disease, and they target growth to 1,500-2,000 tests in their menu via collaboration with DLMP/MML.






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