Leslie Donato, Ph.D., Selected as 2012 Recipient of the AACC Young Investigator Award

The Proteomic Division of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) has named Leslie Donato, Ph.D., of Mayo Clinic's Division of Clinical Core Laboratory Services, as the 2012 recipient of the Young Investigator Award. Dr. Donato was presented this award on July 17 during the Proteomic Division meeting at the 2012 Annual AACC meeting in Los Angeles.

According to AACC, the Young Investigator Award is to acknowledge young persons who actively contribute to the profession in therapeutic drug monitoring toxicology through research, publication or teaching. The AACC Proteomics Division Chair, Steven Wong, Ph.D., noted that Dr. Donato received this award due to “her well prepared abstract and current content conveyed to the committee members that her research is endowed with scientific merit and would enable the scientific advances in Proteomics.”

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