Allan Jaffe, M.D. Discusses Troponin’s Present and Future in “CAP TODAY”

One of the feature stories of the August CAP TODAY, highlights current and emerging issues related to high-sensitivity troponin assays. Interviewed for the article, To see troponin’s future, look at the present, was Allan Jaffe, M.D., Mayo Clinic cardiologist and division chair, Clinical Core Laboratory Services. The article outlines many of the current issues regarding the utilization of existing troponin assays and forecasts potential issues as more sensitive troponin assays hit the market next year.

In the article, Dr. Jaffe addresses some of the confusion many physicians have in regards to the contemporary assays and provides guidance on how physicians need to adjust current practices in assessing troponin values in their patients.



This post was authored by the Marketing Team at Mayo Clinic Laboratories.

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