Darci Block, Ph.D., and John Lieske, M.D., featured on cover of October 2012 issue of Medical Laboratory Observer

Darci Block, Ph.D.
Darci Block, Ph.D., and John Lieske, M.D., recently wrote the cover article for the October 2012 issue of the Medical Laboratory Observer, titled “Automated urinalysis in the clinical lab.” Dr. Block is the director of Laboratory Services and the co-director of the Central Clinical Laboratory and Central Processing at Mayo Clinic. Dr. Lieske has appointments in the Mayo Clinic divisions of Nephrology, Immunology, Physiology and Biomedical Engineering. Below is the opening paragraph of the article:
John Lieske, M.D.
Urinalysis is a valuable tool used to diagnose and monitor renal and urinary tract illnesses. Typically it is amoderate- to high-sample volume test for a general chemistry lab, representing up to 30% of all samples received. Routine urinalysis consists of macroscopic examination, chemical analysis, and microscopic urine sediment examination. 
Mayo Clinic Laboratories

Mayo Clinic Laboratories

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