Mayo Clinic Named Among Top Companies for Chemists by Chemical & Engineering News

Mayo Clinic has been named as one of the top companies for chemists to work for in the October, 22, 2012 issue of Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN). Also featured were Wyatt Technology, Genomatica and DuPont Crop Protection. These companies, along with Mayo Clinic, all made Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For," The Scientist's "Best Places to Work in Industry," and Working Mother's "100 Best Companies" in 2012.
Dr. Moyer talks with the Metals Laboratory supervisor Matt Hanley in the laboratory.
“We have the largest clinical laboratory in the world,” says Thomas Moyer, Ph.D., a clinical chemist and a professor of laboratory medicine. “Hospitals from all over the country send us specimens and can order any of 3,200 diagnostic tests.” Jim Maher III, Ph.D., a professor of biochemistry and molecular biology and the dean of Mayo Graduate School, notes that there is room for virtually any type of chemist at Mayo Clinic. “The work that a chemist or biochemist can do here ranges from something very close to a disease or a clinical practice improvement to something very fundamental,” says Maher.
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