Allan Jaffe, M.D., discusses CVD risk markers in February issue of CAP TODAY

Allan Jaffe, M.D., a clinical cardiologist and professor of medicine and laboratory medicine and pathology at Mayo Clinic, was recently featured in February issue of CAP TODAY discussing his opinion on CVD risk markers. Dr. Jaffe also serves as chair of the Division of Clinical Core Laboratory Services in Mayo Clinic's Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology. Below is an excerpt from the front-page article, titled "Twilight zone for CVD risk markers?"

Allan Jaffe, M.D.

Times are tough all over. For the middle class, for newspapers, for Francois Hollande and his fellow French Socialists.

Consider adding cardiac risk markers to that list.Despite decades of research and clinical experience, the marker conversation - what to measure, how, in whom - has become more an endless loop than a solid lineup. Old standbys still turn up in studies of novel markers, and tests that have arguably outlasted their usefulness still adhere, like barnacles, to laboratory menus. Some observers are even questioning the tenets of risk assessment.

While no one is putting cardiac risk markers on the endangered species list, they might no longer be the trophies in cardiology's big game hunt, either. In wide-ranging interviews with CAP TODAY, three cardiac experts offered their off-center views on the field.



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