New MML Proven Outreach Strategies & Tips (POST) — Working with Other Hospital Departments

Each video in the Mayo Medical Laboratories Proven Outreach Strategies & Tips (POST) series provides a brief view of one of the critical aspects of a laboratory outreach program and shares proven strategies embraced by the most successful laboratory outreach programs across the country. Below is information regarding our April 11 POST presentation.

Proven Outreach Strategies & Tips (POST) — Working With Other Hospital Departments


Tammy Fletcher, Outreach Program Coordinator
Mayo Medical Laboratories


When individual departments choose to create silos instead of working with other departments, the results can spell disaster. The lack of expertise on a project can set the tone and leave a project in disarray. It can also have a negative impact on the success of future projects. Laboratory leadership should have an understanding of the power in creating effective cross-departmental teams for laboratory outreach projects.

Intended Audience:

Community hospital administrators, laboratory directors, billing managers, pathologists, marketing and sales managers.


Mayo Clinic Laboratories

Mayo Clinic Laboratories

This post was authored by the Marketing Team at Mayo Clinic Laboratories.