22nd International Surgical Pathology Symposium — Virtual Slides


Image File Title Case History
Case 1 Image Neck Biopsy Interpretation and Reporting 50-year-old male with neck lesion.
Case 2 Image Tips for Small Biopsy Interpretation of Adrenal Gland Tumor 40 year old female with 15 cm adrenal mass.
Case 3 Image Larynx Biopsy Interpretation and Reporting 50-year-old male with vocal cord lesion.
Case 4 Image Tips for Small Biopsy Interpretation of Thyroid Tumors 65 year old male with large central neck mass.
Case 5 Image Pharynx Biopsy Interpretation and Reporting 50-year-old female with tonsil lesion.
Case 6 Image Interpretation of Mammary Spindle Cell Lesions on Needle Core Biopsy 47 year-old female with enlarging, palpable 2 cm breast mass.
Case 7 Image Dermatopathology Pigmented lesion on the left flank of a 56 year old man.
Case 8 Image Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia: Review and Update 59 year-old female with suspicious micro-calcifications on screening mammography.
Case 9a Image
Case 9b Image
Dermatopathology 55 year old woman with a pigmented lesion of her left upper arm.
Case 10 Image Pitfalls in Papillary Lesions on Needle Core Biopsy 55 year-old female with 0.9 cm breast mass, identified on screening mammography.
Case 11 Image Tips for FNA Interpretation of Salivary Gland Tumors 40 year old with 3.0 cm parotid mass.
Case 12 Image Salivary Gland Biopsy Interpretation and Reporting Salivary Gland Biopsy Interpretation and Reporting. 50-year-old female with base of tongue lesion.
Case 13 Image Selected Aggressive Thyroid Tumors 55 year old male with a 4.0 cm thyroid mass.
Case 14 Image Sinonasal Biopsy Interpretation and Reporting 50-year-old female with sinonasal lesion.
Case 15 Image Diagnosis of Adrenal Cortical Carcinoma: Review and Update 60 year old male with 10 cm adrenal mass.
Case 16a Image
Case 16b Image
Dermatopathology Pigmented lesion.
Case 17 Image Cartilaginous Tumors of Bone: Review and Update 26 year-old male presented with right leg pain; imaging revealed impending pathologic fracture in distal right femur.
Case 18 Image Dermatopathology A 49-year-old man noticed a mole on his right upper buttock. It started to bleed, and he had some mild itchiness. Therefore, he went in for a biopsy.
Case 19 Image Nerve Sheath Tumors: Cases from the Consultation Practice 44 year-old male with palpable, superficial soft tissue mass on right thigh.
Case 20 Image Dermatopathology Pigmented Lesion from the right ear of a 35 year old man.
Case 21
- Image: Gross

- Image: H&E 100x
- Image: GMS 400x
- Image: GMS 400x
- Virtual Slide
Yeasts in Tissue The patient is a 75-year-old man with a history of moderate to severe aortic insufficiency and a 45-pack year smoking history, with a 3.5 cm nodule of the right mid lung noted on chest X-ray. He is a retired United States truck driver currently living in the upper midwestern United States. Given his former smoking history and concern for malignancy, a right video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery with wedge excision was performed.
Case 22 Image Unique Benign Nodules Developing in Liver Cirrhosis A 36-year-old woman with 8 year history of alcohol abuse is found to have a 2.6 cm liver mass.
Case 23
- Image: Gross

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- Image: GMS 1000x
Fungal Pitfalls The patient is a 51 year old man with refractory mantle cell lymphoma who expired due to acute hemorrhagic bronchopneumonia involving all lung lobes.
Autopsy revealed bacterial pneumonia and post-mortem cultures grew multiple bacteria and Candida albicans. The cause of death was bacterial pneumonia complicating mantle cell lymphoma.
Of note, the neuropathology examination revealed recent multifocal hemorrhagic lesions, including subarachnoid hemorrhages and intraparenchymal hemorrhage with associated parenchymal necrosis.
Case 24 Image The Significance of Antimitochondrial Antibody in Liver Biopsy Interpretation A 43-year-old woman presented with abdominal pain, nausea, and fatigue. The patient was found to have elevated liver biochemistries and a positive Antimitochondrial antibody.
Case 25
- Image: H&E

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- Image: H&E 1000x-3
Filamentous Organisms A 54-year-old male with acute myelogenous leukemia presented with right periorbital swelling, diplopia, and bloody nasal discharge. He had just received induction chemotherapy in the previous week. Physical examination revealed right periorbital swelling with proptosis and subconjunctival hemorrhage, and nasal endoscopy revealed significant edema and hemorrhage of the right middle turbinate. A right endonasal medial maxillectomy with debridement of the medial orbital tissues was performed.
Case 26 Image H&E Small Glands in a Prostate Biopsy
  • Prostate needle biopsy
  • 62 year-old male
  • S-PSA 9.4 ng/ml, PSA ratio 0.16, prostate volume 80.6 ml. DRE negative.
  • Previous biopsy 2 years ago benign (PSA 4.8, ratio 0.22, volume 69)
  • 1 core out of 10, HE stain
Case 27 Image H&E Large, Clustered Glands in a Prostate Biopsy
  • Prostate needle biopsy
  • 79 year-old male
  • S-PSA 8.6 ng/ml, PSA ratio 0.16, prostate volume 50 ml. DRE negative.
  • 1 core out of 8, HE stain
Case 28 Image Common Problems Encountered in the Consultation Practice: Gynecological Pathology 50 year-old female with bilateral ovarian masses 8.2 and 6.8 cm in diameter. Cut surface had multiple smooth-walled cystic structures filled with watery to mucoid material. Had a hyesterectomy a decade earlier for unknown reasons.
Case 29 Image Common Problems Encountered in the Consultation Practice: Gynecological Pathology 52 year-old female with a 15 cm ovarian solid and cystic ovarian mass.
Case 30 Image Common Problems Encountered in the Consultation Practice: Gynecological Pathology 35 year-old female presenting with pelvic pain and a cervical nodule. Grossly there was a 2 cm anterior cervical mass with small mucin filled cysts on cross section.
Case 31 Image Fibrolamellar Carcinoma: Review and Update A 51-year-old man presented with abdominal pain and weight loss. A 15 cm liver mass was found.
Case 32
- Image: H&E 40x

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- Image: H&E 1000x
- Image: Gram 1000x
- Image: GMS 1000x
- Image: GMS 1000x-2
Infective Endocarditi 67 year-old man with known long-standing mitral valve regurgitation presented with a recent decrease in effort tolerance with shortness of breath. He reports no fever, night sweats, or weight loss. He had recent dental work, with extraction of 14 teeth, and received 1 week of amoxicillin therapy for prophylaxis. Shortly after presentation, a transthoracic echocardiogram showed myxomatous changes of the anterior mitral valve leaflet. The appearance and motion was felt to be consistent with ruptured cords leading to a partial flail leaflet and severe mitral valve regurgitation. He therefore underwent elective mitral valve repair. Tissue was sent to pathology for examination. Cultures were not performed.
Case 33 Image Linear Sinusoidal Deposits in the Liver: Differential Diagnosis and Diagnostic Techniques A 68 year-old man presented with chronic recurrent pleural effusions. Past medical history includes monoclonal gammopathy, end-stage renal disease, and congestive heart failure. The patient’s transaminases and alkaline phosphatase were elevated. A liver biopsy was obtained.
Case 34a Image
Case 34b Image
Worms in Tissue A 48-year-old woman, originally from Somalia, presented with severe right thigh and leg pain after falling. A CT of her pelvis revealed a pelvic mass 3-cm in diameter. An open resection of the mass was performed.
Case 35 Image A Differential Diagnosis to Consider in Anal Lesions A 32-year-old man presents with an anal mass and blood per rectum. The anal mass was biopsies.
Case 36 Image Common Problems Encountered in the Consultation Practice: Gynecological Pathology 30 year-old female with a 6 cm uterine mass. This is a myomectomy. The tumor was well circumscribed and had a tan whorled appearance. There was no gross hemorrhage or necrosis. The patient wishes to maintain her fertility.
Case 37 Image Common Problems Encountered in the Consultation Practice: Gynecological Pathology 30 year-old female. 5 cm myomectomy specimen. Cut surface was gray-white with small cystic spaces.
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