Reportable Disease Portal Launching April 22

Beginning April 22, rather than a fax, clients will receive an email when new reportable disease data is available.  Clients should click the link provided in the email to sign in and view the test names and total number of patients that were reported to their state Department of Health. Detailed reports are available as PDF and CSV files.

What is it?
View current or past reports of test results reported to state health departments.

Who is it for?
Staff responsible for communicating Reportable Disease Results to the State Department of Health

Why use it?

  • Receive an email when new data is available
  • Generate reports for a specified date range as needed
  • Quick access to a summary of reported results
  • Excel formatted Detail Report enables sorting and processing
    of data


brentwestra (@brentwestra)


Brent Westra is a Marketing Segment Manager at Mayo Clinic Laboratories. He leads marketing strategies for product management and specialty testing along with new media innovations. Brent has worked at Mayo Clinic since 2011.