1972 — Remembering the Worrall buildings #throwbackthursdays

WorrallHospitalAndAnnexWhat was located at 3rd Street and 2nd Avenue before the Kahler Motel was built there 12 years ago? Even Clinic oldtimers weren’t sure. The answer is given in this photo: a stretch of green lawn touching sides of both Worrall Proper and Worrall Annex.

The Worrall Hospital, named for William Worrall Mayo, a Kahler Corporation property, was opened in January 1919. The adjoining Annex had been built to serve dentists in private practice. Beginning in 1920 a major portion of the building was leased and converted to hospital use.

The two buildings provided hospital services for ENT, Ophthalmology, Proctology, Therapeutic Radiology, Hematology and Cardiology. For a brief period the annex housed the Diet Kitchen.

Methodist board of Hospitals and Homes took over operation of Kahler Corporation hospitals in 1954. The new Methodist Hospital opened in late 1966 and both Worrall buildings were vacated in 1967. The Annex was vacated in 1967. Worrall Proper was used for storage and was not demolished until October 1970. At that time the Congregational Church, which had been used by the School of Physical Therapy, and the Wilson Club were also removed.

Kelley Luedke

Kelley Luedke

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