March 1972 – Dress and Decorum #throwbackthursdays

In March of 1972, a Dress and Decorum Committee was put together to decide on appropriate and inappropriate working apparel.


“No” and “yes” skirt lengths in street dress are shown by Bonnie Peters and Joyce Olson. Fashion boots are acceptable in both instances but are smarter with Joyce's dress.


There are pant suits and pant suits. Maggie Lien's might be fine for the cocktail hour and Kay Wilhusen's for the basketball court. Joyce shows a pants suit acceptable for office wear.


Men can as easily violate dress standards as women. Curt Kalmes might rake his yard in these clothes or Herb Howe tee off at Soldiers Field but never never wear them at Mayo Clinic. Debonair Jerry Mahoney showed how men are adding a little color to the scene and it's great.


Betty Paulson and Mary Brooks typify the Mayo Clinic look in uniforms. Cecelia McNab wears an acceptable and professional appearing pants uniform. A white coat is worn by men in Physical Medicine. And as Bob Trygstad demonstrates, a beard, if its well groomed, sideburns and longish hair are okay.


What started as a good looking uniform suffered from laundering and Jackie Franta now has high rise pants. Her eye makeup, fluttering lashes and deep interest in a manicure draw supervisory frowns. And Cecelia spoiled the effect of her sharp looking uniform by adding a lab coat. As for Eppie McFarland, Phyllis Diller hair styles and short short uniforms don't fit the Mayo Clinic image.

Kelley Luedke

Kelley Luedke

Kelley Luedke is a Marketing Channel Manager at Mayo Clinic Laboratories. She is the principle editor and writer of Insights and leads social media and direct marketing strategy. Kelley has worked at Mayo Clinic since 2013. Outside of work, you can find Kelley running, traveling, playing with her kitty, and exploring new foods.