John Mills, Ph.D., Receives Mayo Brothers Distinguished Fellowship Award

millsJohn R. Mills, Ph.D., Resident, Division of Clinical Chemistry at Mayo Clinic, was recently selected as a recipient of the 2015 Mayo Brothers Distinguished Fellowship Award from the Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education. Only six of these awards are given annually across the enterprise and across all medical specialties.

“Since 1997, Dr. Mills is only the second fellow within the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology to receive this award,” says DLMP Chair Bill Morice, M.D., Ph.D. “This award is the most prestigious recognition from the Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education. Dr. Mills is very deserving of this honor, and it is a testament to him and the quality of mentorship he has received from David Murray, M.D., Ph.D.; Jerry Katzmann, Ph.D.; and David Barnidge, Ph.D.”

About Dr. John Mills
Dr. Mills is a second-year clinical chemistry fellow in the Division of Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology. He earned his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from McGill University, and he completed his graduate work in biochemistry and chemical biology at McGill University. Dr. Mills’ research interests include developing laboratory diagnostics for multiple myeloma, analysis of immunoglobulins using mass spectrometry, and personalizing care through the use of genomics. In July of this year, Dr. Mills will begin a two-year clinical molecular genetics training fellowship in the Division of Laboratory Genetics at Mayo Clinic.

About the Mayo Clinic Distinguished Fellowship Award
Individuals are selected for the Distinguished Fellowship Award based on the qualities associated with Mayo Clinic’s founders, Drs. William J. and Charles W. Mayo, including outstanding clinical performance, humanitarianism, and scholarly activity.

Recipients receive a certificate plaque and funding of up to $2,000 for an additional attendance trip. This award directly benefits the resident or fellow’s “home department” by funding a portion of his/her stipend and benefits.

The award will be presented at the Annual Awards Celebration of the Mayo Alumni Association, Mayo Fellows’ Association, and the Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education on Thursday, April 16,at 6 p.m. in Phillips Hall, Siebens Building.


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