Pain-LESS Blood Draws [Pediatric Phlebotomy]

May 13, 2015


Video Length: 66 mins

Even though we can’t guarantee a true painless blood draw, there are different techniques and tools we can use to help minimize the pain associated with the collection. In this session we will present to you how a Laboratory Technician applies pain-less blood draws in everyday collections.


Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Recognize the application and use of medications before venipuncture.
  • Examine a safe and comforting way to hold the child with the parent’s help.
  • Review H.E.A.T principles in the blood drawing process.
  • Identify distractions to aid in less painful blood collection.
  • Utilize positive reinforcement for blood draw.


Photo of Patricia Conlon, M.S., R.N., CNSPatricia Conlon, M.S., R.N., CNS
Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, Minnesota


Patricia Conlon is a Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist at Mayo Clinic Children’s Center and Assistant Professor of Nursing, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Rochester, Minnesota. She holds a Bachelor of Nursing Studies degree from Dublin City University and a Master of Science degree from the University of Minnesota (focus on Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, and Children with Special Health Care Needs). She also holds a Certificate in Disability Policy and Services and is a Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist. Prior to commencing her current position in 2004, Conlon worked as a staff nurse in pediatric general care and the Pediatric Infusion Therapy center (Mayo Clinic), in homecare (Minnesota) and as a staff nurse in pediatric and adult medical and surgical nursing (Ireland).

Heather Abbott CPT (NHA)Photo of Heather A. Abbott, CPT (NHA)
Laboratory Service Lead
Pediatric Laboratory Services
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, Minnesota

Heather Abbott has been at Mayo Clinic for 15 years, all in Laboratory Services as a technician. She carries a Phlebotomy certification through the National Health Career Association. In her time at Mayo Clinic, she has worked in both the hospital and outpatient settings on patients ranging in age from neonatal to geriatric. She has been a member of the Mayo 16 team for 2 years as the Pediatric Laboratory Services lead, where she performs and assists in blood draws, as well as all patient care needs and procedures performed by the laboratory.


Note: No credit is offered for this Phlebotomy presentation.

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