Introducing Clickable Algorithms

Mayo Medical Laboratories is proud to announce new clickable functionality to our algorithms. This enhancement enables users viewing any of our more than 80 algorithms to click on any orderable test to view its full listing in our test catalog.

Patient outcomes are improved when the right tests are ordered at the right time. The use of diagnostic algorithms can help reduce unnecessary testing and accelerate the diagnostic process. Mayo Medical Laboratories provides over 80 algorithms to assist in the selection of the right tests. Developed collaboratively between Mayo Clinic clinicians and laboratorians, these algorithms represent recommended approaches for disease diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring.

Watch our demo video below to learn more about the functionality of clickable algorithms.



Brent Westra is a Marketing Segment Manager at Mayo Clinic Laboratories. He leads marketing strategies for product management and specialty testing along with new media innovations. Brent has worked at Mayo Clinic since 2011.