Children Health Service Report #ThrowbackThursday

In October 1957, the Section of Pediatrics added a new phase to its program of child care—the Children’s Health Service. The program was designed for infant-to-fifteen-year children of Rochester and surroundings area who have the usual illnesses and related medical problems of childhood. This includes such things as pre-camp, pre-school, and similar examinations.

The Children’s Health Service was in line with a national trend in pediatrics—that of encouraging parents to bring the child to the doctor, rather than the doctor going to the child.

In its first full year of operation, approximately 8,977 patients were seen at Children's Health Service and 1,825 patients were seen on home visits.

In announcing this new service in 1957, the Section of Pediatrics noted that: “We cannot be certain just what the patient load will be, what if any changes or adjustments might have to be made. But we hope and believe that, with the co-operation of parents who wish our services, this expanded facility will provide more prompt medical care for children with the usual illnesses of childhood in Rochester and the surrounding areas.”

A picture of the Children’s Health Service just has to have children in it. So, a while back, CHS desk supervisor Mrs. Ione McLaughlin (left) arranged for her Rick and Sara Jan to come down to stand in for the thousands of children seen at Plummer Building’s N-8. With them is desk attendant Carol Schmidt.
Alyssa Frank

Alyssa Frank

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