1958: Patient Tours #ThrowbackThursday

In 1958, Mayo Clinic established two former employees to serve as “tour hostesses.” The tour hostesses were Mrs. Dorothy Willis, formerly with Central Appointment Desk, and Mrs. Margaret Schmit, former Clinical Pathology technician. They conducted the daily (except Sunday) public tours which started at 10:00 a.m. in the Plummer Building, and lasted a bit over an hour. They were also on call for special tour duties.


The tours included several areas: Plummer Hall and Memorial Lobby, the Library (twelfth floor lobby), old Board Room, Dr. W.J. Mayo’s office, Medical Records, C-2 desk area, the concourse, Judd Hall, a typical clinical floor, and the main floor lobby of Mayo Building. During the tour the hostess commented on the areas visited, supplied bits of Mayo history, described related areas not included in the tour, and explained some procedures and facilities of Mayo.

In 1957, approximately 20,666 persons toured Mayo. There were 297 public tours, 294 special tours, 19 orientation tours and 50 tours of Medical Sciences Building.

Alyssa Frank

Alyssa Frank

Alyssa Frank is a Marketing Segment Manager at Mayo Clinic Laboratories. She leads marketing strategies for product management and specialty testing. Alyssa has worked at Mayo Clinic since 2015.