The Use of Pediatric Comfort Holds and Distraction Techniques to Improve the Lab Draw Experience for Both Patient and Phlebotomist [Pediatric Phlebotomy]

April 14, 2016


Video Length: 1 hour 14 mins

In this session, we will present to you how a technician can apply certain techniques to reduce fear and anxiety associated with blood draws and IV starts. Giving the technicians the tools they need to help them be successful in everyday collections. Utilizing the secrets of magic to improve cooperation and communication with pediatric patients.


  • Encourage patient engagement to decrease patient fear and anxiety,
  • Perform a hold in a safe and comforting way with the parent’s help.
  • Review H.E.A.T. principles in the blood drawing process.
  • Increase communication skills with pediatric patients.


Photo of Heather A. Abbott, CPT (NHA)Heather A. Abbott, CPT (NHA)
Lead Technician
Mayo 16 Outpatient Laboratory Services
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota


Photo of Joe R. Swicklik R.T.(R)(CT)Joe R. Swicklik R.T.(R)(CT)
C.T. Technologist
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

Note: No credit is offered for this Phlebotomy presentation.

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