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AACC-920x600Our amazing laboratory colleagues from Mayo Clinic are incredibly well-represented in Philadelphia for this year's American Association for Clinical Chemistry Annual Meeting and Clinical Expo. We have a small team in Philly to blog about the serious and fun sides of this year's meeting.

Thursday at 10:57 a.m.

Thank You, Philly! See You in San Diego.

See you in San Diego in 2017!

What an amazing week in the "City of Brotherly Love." We definitely felt the love of our profession and passion emanating from all of the attendees and vendors. We made a lot of great contacts and clearly have met a lot of new friends. We are so proud of our Mayo Clinic laboratory medicine colleagues who have proven once again their commitment to propelling the science forward, learning and teaching the best practices in our industry, and most importantly, advocating for the best laboratory testing possible for every patient. While we spent a lot of time in the Pennsylvania Convention Center, we did get to partake in some of the sights, sounds, and tastes of Philadelphia. We will leave you with some of our favorite pictures:

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Wednesday at 4:55 p.m.

Mayo Clinic Excellence on Display

A great way to see the amazing activities happening at Mayo is by walking through the poster presentation hall. Mayo Clinic had more than 20 posters accepted for presentation across a variety of laboratory specialties. Congratulations to all who contributed to a successful poster session. View a full list of our speakers.


Wednesday at 4:23 p.m.

Meet the Experts: Maria Alice Willrich, Ph.D.

To cap off our two days of special lectures, our last presenter was Dr. Maria Alice Willrich. In addition to being a Twitter rockstar (@malicewi), Dr. Willrich is also a clinical chemist engaged in protein immunology and proteomics. Her lecture outlined how to, "Interpret Complement Test Results."

Meet the Experts: Melissa Snyder, Ph.D.

Our second special lecture of today was from Dr. Melissa Snyder who tackled the subject of "Calprotectin and Irritable Bowel Disorder (IBD)." Her presentation provided key background information on IBD and calprotectin, clinical actions providers can take, and proper test utilization details.

Wednesday at 1:40 p.m.

Meet the Experts: Brad Karon, M.D., Ph.D.

In his special, in-booth lecture, Dr. Brad Karon provided an inside look to the test utilization program of Mayo Clinic. As an integrated part of the world's largest integrated group practice, we are able to directly tackle test utilization right at the patient's bedside.

Below is Dr. Karon's 30-minute lecture including Q&A:

Wednesday at 10:00 a.m.

Trends in Allied Health Education: How Will We Educate the Laboratory Workforce of the Future?

Image of Brad S. Karon, M.D., Ph.D
Brad Karon, M.D., Ph.D.

The American Society for Clinical Pathology released a task force report in 2013 that documented the barriers to meeting laboratory workforce demands in the future. One option to overcome those barriers is online/distance and blended learning, which is already transforming allied health education.

Brad Karon, M.D., Ph.D., Consultant, Division of Clinical Core Laboratory Services at Mayo Clinic, is chairing a session at AACC on this topic. According to Dr. Karon, the Mayo Clinic’s School of Health Sciences is investing extensively in these models. The goal is to increase access to programs across time and geography, enable sharing of resources between educational sites, and better prepare students for clinical rotations. Another goal is to ease the burden on clinical preceptors and laboratories that provide clinical training.

“Having the didactic portion of programs in a blended (online) format also minimizes re-work necessary when faculty leave the program and ensures that the knowledge received is standardized between classes and over time,” Dr. Karon explained.

Dr. Karon will be sharing the podium with his colleague, Sue Lehman, who will discuss specific strategies for educating medical laboratory scientists.

Tuesday at 2:41 p.m.

Congratulations to Our Distinguished Colleagues

We are very proud to post that three of our laboratory colleagues from Mayo Clinic received high honors for their abstracts at AACC. The following individuals received NACB/AACC Academy: 2016 Distinguished Abstracts Awards. The abstracts were 3 of 29 selected by a group of fellows out of an impressive 1,024 eligible abstracts.

Congratulations to our friends and colleagues!

Lusia Sepiashvili, Michael Mbughuni, and Paula Ladwig were winners of the 2016 Distinguished Abstract Awards from the NACB/AACC Academy.
Lusia Sepiashvili, Ph.D.; Michael Mbughuni, Ph.D.; and Paula Ladwig were recipients of 2016 Distinguished Abstract Awards from the NACB/AACC Academy.

Lusia Sepiashvili, Ph.D.
Detection and Characterization of Serum-Free Light Chains by MALDI-TOF MS in Immunofixation Electrophoresis-Negative Specimens with Abnormal Free Light Chain Ratios

Michael Mbughuni, Ph.D.
Cryoglobulinemia Typing Using Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization—Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS)

Paula Ladwig
Advantages of Standardized/Kitted Methods for Protein Digestion: A Monoclonal Antibody Example

Tuesday, 12:43 p.m.

Meet the Experts: Paul Jannetto, Ph.D.

At noon today, Dr. Paul Jannetto presented a 20-minute presentation on the subject of Mayo Clinic's "New High-Resolution Targeted Opioid Screen." Below is his full lecture:

Tuesday, 11:08 a.m.

Meet the Experts: Jeff Meeusen, Ph.D.

Below is Dr. Meeusen's live lecture on "Plasma Ceramides" in our exhibit followed by our Q&A:

Monday, 4:32 p.m.

Theranos Makes Its Case at #2016AACC

Elizabeth Holmes has taken the stage at AACC to the polite applause of the laboratory community. Ms. Holmes spent the first 45 minutes of the presentation sharing a first-in-public view of the Theranos approach to testing. The presentation offered the attendees an under-the-hood view of the MiniLab system, scientific data of how the approach compared to industry-leading systems and regulatory-set ranges.

The Q&A session really showed how skeptical the laboratory industry is about the MiniLab System and the possibilities of the Theranos vision for laboratory medicine. With that said, it was clear throughout the session that Theranos is committed to publishing in the peer-review community and engaging laboratorians to have an honest dialogue about their vision of the future of laboratory medicine.

5:35 p.m. --

5:21 p.m. --

Ms. Holmes in the last minutes of her scientific presentation.
Ms. Holmes in the last minutes of her scientific presentation.

5:00 p.m. --

More than half through the Theranos scientific presentation.
More than halfway through the Theranos scientific presentation.

4:35 p.m. --

4:28 p.m. --

The Grand Ballroom in Philadelphia fills to near capacity, awaiting the remarks of Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes.
The Grand Ballroom in Philadelphia fills to near capacity, awaiting the remarks of Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes.

Monday, 11:53 a.m.

Laboratorians in the Spotlight: Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

Image of Nikola A. Baumann, Ph.D.
Nikola Baumann, Ph.D.

A recent article in Clinical Laboratory News highlighted this year’s annual AACC Society for Young Clinical Laboratorians (SYCL) workshop, “Clinical Lab Directors in the Spotlight: Essential Communication Skills for the Modern Lab Director.” The workshop proved to be yet another incredible learning opportunity for both budding and seasoned laboratorians alike. The session focused on ways that lab directors can effectively communicate their knowledge and expertise to a variety of constituencies.

Nikola Baumann, Ph.D., Co-Director of the Central Clinical Laboratory and Director of Central Processing at Mayo Clinic, provided powerful insights into how to communicate effectively with laboratory staff and trainees. She emphasized that learning to communicate effectively makes for a more resilient leader, and that although the skills required to be an effective communicator can be taught and learned, they take practice. Dr. Baumann described the five habits of highly effective communicators and provided attendees with conversational tools for talking with staff about a variety of topics, including change management and providing feedback.

Read the full article to learn what else was discussed during the session.

Monday, 7:43 a.m.

Tomorrow: Live Presentations in Booth #3707

This year, we will be hosting special lectures in our booth #3707. The lectures will be delivered by the following Mayo Clinic physicians and scientists:

Sunday, 8:09 p.m.

Just landed in Philadelphia!

We are finally here to meet up with our friends and colleagues from around the laboratory industry. We can't wait to hear about the latests trends and the revolutionary new ideas from the best minds in laboratory medicine.

Andy Tofilon

Andy Tofilon

Andy Tofilon is a Marketing Segment Manager at Mayo Clinic Laboratories.