Mayo Medical Laboratories Test Catalog Adds 6 New Fields; Concise, Clearer Format


In an effort to develop a better and more consistent flow to the Mayo Medical Laboratories Test Catalog, six new fields have been added.

Based on client feedback, we have reorganized the “Specimen Required” section using the following six new fields:

  • Advisory Information
  • Additional Testing Requirements
  • Shipping Instructions
  • Necessary Information
  • Forms
  • Urine Preservative Collection Options

How to Prepare a Specimen
The revised Specimen Required section is now focused on the proper specimen, its collection, and handling—exactly what you need to know to prepare a specimen. Other information that was historically placed in the Specimen Required field is now allocated to one of the six new subsections.

Samples of New Format
As an example, the Natural Killer (NK)/Natural Killer T (NKT) Cell Subsets, Quantitative, Blood (Test ID: QNKS) must have consultant approval—and this is clearly indicated in the Advisory Information field. The new Shipping Instructions, Necessary Information, and Forms fields are also listed in this test.

The Maternal Cell Contamination, Molecular Analysis assay (Test ID: MATCC) displays the new Additional Testing Requirements field, while the Catecholamine Fractionation, Free, 24-Hour, Urine test (Test ID: CATU) displays the new Urine Preservative Collection Options field.

3,000-Plus Tests; Updates Ongoing
As of November 1, this new format is being applied as tests are updated. As a reminder, the information is simply being reorganized—not changed. With more than 3,000 tests listed in the Mayo Medical Laboratories Test Catalog, the process to update every test is ongoing and in no way impacts the day-to-day workflow of the testing laboratories.

For more information about the updated format, please contact Mayo Medical Laboratories (MML) Customer Service at (800) 533-1710, email customer service at, or contact your local MML field representative.

Molly Dee (@mollylarsen)

Molly Dee

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