FDA Change–International Commercial Invoice Description of Goods

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently updated its electronic filing requirements for importing goods, including biological specimens. Full enforcement of the new requirements will begin on Thursday, February 9, at 6 a.m. EST. To avoid delays in customs, we recommend that when shipping biological specimens to Mayo Medical Laboratories, you use the following language in the “FULL DESCRIPTION OF GOODS” section of the commercial invoice that you send along with the specimens: FULL DESCRIPTION OF GOODS “Human specimens, non-infectious UN3373 Category B for diagnostic purposes only. No commercial value. Value for customs purposes only. Tariff code 3002.12.0090.”
For illustrative purposes: Sample commercial invoice with the "Full Description of Goods" language highlighted.
For questions regarding this change, please email our international service team at RSTMMLTransIntl@mayo.edu.
Tim Brantner (@timothycbr)

Tim Brantner

Tim Brantner is a Marketing Segment Manager at Mayo Medical Laboratories. He leads marketing strategies for our international clients and campaigns. Tim has worked at Mayo Clinic since 2007.