Ergonomics in Action: What Is the Most Important Part of Having a Good Workstation?

Employees often ask our Ergonomics Department, "What is the most important part of having a good workstation?"

The answer—A fully adjustable chair.

A fully adjustable chair can accommodate a range of people. However, people need to adjust their chairs to suit their bodies. So, adjust yours with these items in mind:

  • Height (thighs should be parallel to the floor)
  • Seat depth (leave three fingers behind your knees and the chair front)
  • Armrest heights (to sitting elbow height)
  • Armrest widths
  • Support of the lumbar back region
  • Make sure your feet are supported by the floor or a footrest.

Two informational videos demonstrate the full range of chair adjustments:

See the diagrams below on how to adjust your work chair to suit you:

Steelcase Criterion Chair


Steelcase LEAP Chair

Sandra Woolley

Sandra Woolley

Sandra Woolley, Ph.D., is a Certified Professional Ergonomist at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. She has worked at Mayo Clinic since 2007.