Linnea Baudhuin, Ph.D., Featured in “AACC Laborastories”

Linnea Baudhuin, Ph.D., Co-Director of the Personalized Genomics Laboratory at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, is featured in the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) Laborastories for genetic testing.

After being rushed to the ER on Valentine’s Day, a woman undergoes nine days of laboratory testing to find the cause of her mysterious symptoms. One test finally determines that her heart medication is actually harming her instead of helping.

This patient story is a reenactment.


About "AACC Laborastories"

"Laborastories" are stories from the laboratory. Every day, laboratory experts make critical decisions about cancer treatment; manage chronic conditions like diabetes; and screen for high cholesterol levels, heart disease, and other disorders. Without advanced, high-quality lab medicine, patients might receive the wrong diagnosis, inappropriate treatment, or no treatment at all if the disease isn’t accurately detected and diagnosed. Trusted testing is essential to the high quality of care and quality of life for all patients.

About Dr. Baudhuin

In the clinic and in her research, Dr. Baudhuin specializes in personalized medicine, genetic sequencing, and inherited cardiovascular disorders. She is an expert in pharmacogenomics, which examines how the genetic makeup of an individual affects his or her response to drugs.

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