Neuromuscular Disease Panels [Test in Focus]

Hereditary neuromuscular disorders are quite varied in their presentations and even more diverse in terms of their specific genetic causes. Sometimes, these disorders can be framed in terms of the extent of weakness, sensory involvement, and/or autonomic involvements, but in other instances, it may be difficult to discern the appropriate test for many patients based on phenotype.

To help with these difficulties, Mayo Clinic has designed a comprehensive testing approach guided both by clinical algorithms and phenotypic information to ensure patients have access to the most cost-effective and clinically accurate genetic evaluations available.

An Interview with Christopher Klein, M.D. [Full Interview]

Christopher Klein, M.D., a neurologist at Mayo Clinic, provides an overview of neuromuscular testing through Mayo Medical Laboratories. He discusses which types of patients should be tested, the benefits of our approach, how this approach improves upon previous methods, and the role that functional assays play in diagnosis.


Neuromuscular Genetic Panels by Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) (ID: NMPAN)
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