Bobbi Pritt, M.D., Featured in Rochester Magazine

Bobbi Pritt, M.D.

Bobbi Pritt, M.D., was recently featured in Rochester Magazine on her work and how it impacts patients around the world. As the Director of Mayo Clinic’s Clinical Parasitology Laboratory, the patient work is her most important focus.

According to Dr. Pritt, “I love the work we are doing here. We’re continuing to develop new tests to find ways to discover diseases. We’re using some of our new molecular technologies where you can take a single type of specimen, like a blood specimen, and detect anything that might be infectious in there. For example, if you get bitten by a tick, that tick can transmit bacteria, viruses, parasites. My next step is to develop a test that could detect all of those with a single specimen. We’re starting to undertake work in my research lab on that.”

The Parasitology Laboratory receives 200,000 specimens each year which equates to about 500 specimens per week. Most of the samples arrive on the weekday FedEx flight where around 250 daily packages are routed straight to Mayo Clinic Laboratories for patient testing. Those specimens bound for the Parasitology Laboratory range anywhere from national to international patient samples.

In addition to working as the director, Dr. Pritt has been logging her Parasite of the Week cases for years now on her Creepy Dreadful Wonderful Parasites blog.

Read the entire article about Dr. Pritt.

Suzanne Ferguson (@suzannerferguson)

Suzanne Ferguson

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