Top reasons to attend this year’s Leveraging the Laboratory Conference


Leveraging the Laboratory

Dates: Sept. 28-29, 2021

Location: Livestream

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, health system laboratory outreach programs have demonstrated their relevance in unprecedented ways. This year’s Leveraging the Laboratory Conference will provide an inside look at how these programs were able to provide new testing and generate new revenue streams for their health systems throughout the course of a worldwide public health emergency, and beyond.

And it will do so in its own uniquely unprecedented way. “This year’s conference will be completely virtual,” says Jane Hermansen, course director for Mayo Clinic Laboratories. “We have created a technology platform that’s exclusive to Mayo Clinic Laboratories to support the conference.”

This will be more than just another Zoom meeting. “We’re planning virtual lunch tables and virtual networking opportunities where people can talk and network with each other, and, as usual, this year’s best practice sessions will be very engaging as well. We’re also going to play some games and give away prizes throughout the conference.”

In case you need more convincing, here are more top reasons to attend this year’s Leveraging the Laboratory Conference.


Network with Others 

Health care leaders across the United States attend the Leveraging the Laboratory Conference to learn how to transform the role of the laboratory within their health care organizations, take better control of lab data and payer contracts, continually improve patient care, and build lasting connections and relationships with others in the health care field.

This year’s conference will be no different.


Hear from Thought Leaders

Lab industry leader and consultant Robert Michel has provided strategic and tactical management services to a wide variety of companies, from Fortune 100 firms like Procter & Gamble and Financial Corp. of America to leading laboratories like the Nichols Institute to hospital and health system laboratory organizations. He has a special talent for spotting new business opportunities in clinical diagnostics and identifying winning strategies to pursue them.

During this year’s conference, Michel will give a talk called “Future of Laboratories: Where Do We Go from Here?”


Learn from Firsthand Experiences

On day one of the conference, Kristie Campbell of Huntsville Hospital will talk about how the work she did to prove her lab’s value throughout the pandemic earned her a seat at Huntsville Hospital’s executive table. Rochelle Odenbrett of Sanford Health will also share how Sanford Health became the official mobile COVID-19 testing partner of the Professional Golfers’ Association.

On day two, Mayo Clinic Laboratories Operations Manager Angela Reese-Davis and Principle Systems Engineer Michael Baisch will give a talk titled “Partnering for Transformation: Laboratory and Operations.” They’ll discuss the many on-the-fly changes they and other Mayo Clinic Laboratories staff had to make to their lab operations processes and procedures during the pandemic, what they learned from those changes, and how they’re putting it all to use going forward.


Thought-Provoking Discussions

“We’ll have one panel discussion with representatives of academic medical centers that became reference labs by accident,” Hermansen says. “These are people from institutions that became a reference lab by accident and then went, ‘OK, now that we’re here, how do we make our labs bigger?”

Reese-Davis will also join Sean Shafer of Sparrow and John Park of The Valley Hospital for a second panel discussion on “Forced Innovation and Carrying it Forward” in a post-pandemic world.

Motivational speaker Sandy Anderson will close out this year’s conference with a talk titled “Leadership: Strategic Intent, Resilience and Relevance.”


Games and Prizes

We mentioned there will be games and prizes at this year’s conference, right?


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Cory Pedersen (@cpedersen)

Cory Pedersen

Cory Pedersen is a senior marketing specialist for Mayo Clinic Laboratories.