Operational Update

MayoACCESS users: Install Atlas Print Service

May 13, 2022

Mayo Clinic will be adopting Atlas Print Service (APS), which supports the use of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge for the MayoACCESS application.

Users will need to download and install Atlas Print Service on any workstation that uses the MayoACCESS application.

What to expect:

  • Use the MayoACCESS Atlas Print Service Installation and Setup Guide to install APS.
  • Contact your IT group to:
    • Check firewall settings and potentially open additional ports.
    • Allow users to install with administrator rights.
  • Allow 10–15 minutes to complete the installation on each workstation.
  • After installing the service, your site must be activated before you can begin using Atlas Print Service. Click here to set a date to change your site configuration to use Atlas Print Service.

Once the installation is complete and the site configuration has been activated, users will be able to use their choice of Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browsers.

For more information, refer to the frequently asked questions document

For assistance, contact Mayo Clinic Laboratories Customer Service.

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