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Paraneoplastic Evolution – Q&A discussion

In the field of autoimmune neurology, the explosion of new antibody discoveries and treatment option advancements has challenged laboratory scientists to keep pace with developing meaningful, actionable testing. Propelled by expertise from our research labs, clinical labs, and Autoimmune Neurology Clinic, we’ve met this challenge through the development and implementation of panel evaluations customized to address specific phenotypes. Intended to be considered first for patients suspected of autoimmune neurological disorders, these evaluations deliver more clinically actionable results and provide a clearer picture of the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment options. What’s more, utilization of this streamlined approach, when compared to broader evaluations, enables increased specificity, reduced costs, and decreased turnaround times.

Understanding the rationale for this evolution will be important for physicians and laboratory directors to more efficiently utilize newly available laboratory testing.

You are invited to join the Mayo Clinic neurologists who spearheaded the paraneoplastic evolution during one of several special Q & A discussion sessions to hear more about the impetus for this testing evolution and ask any questions you might have.

Each live Zoom session includes a 15-minute prerecorded presentation followed by a 15- to 45-minute Q&A discussion. Learning objectives for the sessions include:

  • Discuss shortcomings of the traditional paraneoplastic approach to autoantibody testing.
  • Describe the clinical relevance of neural antibodies on diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment.
  • Appreciate the role of unclassified antibodies and the future of autoimmune neurology testing.

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Robin Huiras-Carlson (@robinh)

Robin Huiras-Carlson

Robin Huiras-Carlson is a senior marketing specialist at Mayo Clinic Laboratories and a Mayo Clinic employee since 2015. Her writing focuses on specialty testing, innovation, and patient-focused initiatives.