Top 5 reasons to attend this year’s Leveraging the Laboratory Conference

Leveraging the Laboratory

Dates: Sept. 21–22, 2022

Location: Hilton Rochester Mayo Clinic Area, Rochester, Minnesota. Due to the highly interactive nature of this year’s conference and the value in networking opportunities, there is no virtual attendance option for this year’s conference. Attendance is in-person only.

Continuing Medical Education credits: 12

Cost: $650 for non-primary Mayo Clinic Laboratories clients; no charge for primary clients. Food and beverages will be provided on-site for all attendees.

There’s a lot to be excited about as this year’s Leveraging the Laboratory conference approaches, but for Mayo Clinic Laboratories course director Jane Hermansen, one thing stands out. “I think we’re most excited about getting together again in-person,” she says. “It’s been three long years since we last gathered in Nashville in 2019. Virtual conferences are fine, of course, but they can’t compete with the personal connections and networking opportunities that come with being together in-person.”

That said, this year’s conference is all about the power of community. “That’s our theme this year,” Hermansen says. “Hospital-based laboratory outreach programs provide invaluable support across multiple external communities — patients, providers, and even other hospitals — but that’s not possible without first supporting and strengthening an internal community of employees.”

To that end, this year’s Leveraging the Laboratory: A Community Focus conference will leave attendees with valuable insights and experiences from lab experts and peers to help inspire and assist in the strengthening of their own internal and external communities.

In addition, here are five other reasons to attend this year’s conference:


Network with others 

Health care leaders across the United States attend the Leveraging the Laboratory conference to learn how to transform the role of the laboratory within their health care organizations, take better control of lab data and payer contracts, continually improve patient care, and build lasting connections and relationships with others in the health care field.

This year’s conference will be no different … except that we’ll be doing it all in-person once again.


Learn from other thought leaders

Lab industry leader and consultant Robert Michel is one of several leading experts who will present at this year’s conference. With his unique perspective of the laboratory industry, Michel will share current and upcoming trends and provide a call to action for attendees.

This year’s conference also features three exciting case studies from Mayo Clinic Laboratories clients. Kimberly Wolfer of Morris Hospital in Illinois will talk about how she’s engaged her community of physicians in a meaningful manner; Carol Collingsworth of UnityPoint Health in the Midwest will share strategies for laboratory engagement and effectiveness across a large integrated delivery network.; and Lynn Bryan of University of Vermont Medicine will show attendees what an innovative and collaborative community of hospital laboratories looks like across an entire region. A team of Mayo Clinic leaders will also be on hand to share tips for increasing joy and inclusiveness within an internal community of lab professionals.


Hands-on breakout sessions

Have you ever attended a conference, gotten a ton of great ideas, but then didn’t have enough time or opportunities to put them into action?

Not with this year’s conference.

This year’s breakout sessions will provide an engaging, practical, interactive learning experience across many tactical areas of laboratory outreach development. Topics include: Call Center Development, Creating Joy in the Workplace, Legal Updates and more.

Did we really put the words “joy in the workplace” and “legal updates” next to each other in the same sentence? We sure did. Come and learn more!


Tours of Mayo Clinic Laboratories

Come and see where all the magic happens. This year, we’re offering in-person tours of our outreach specimen processing center, where we receive more than 40,000 external specimens every day, and our outpatient phlebotomy space, where up to 1,200 Mayo Clinic outpatients have their blood drawn daily. You’ll then be able to follow patient specimens through processing to analysis and finally to storage in a large, centralized core laboratory. 

Tour space is limited, so sign up early!


Fun, games, and prizes!

We’re all about having “fun with a purpose” at Mayo Clinic Laboratories, so this year’s conference will once again be filled with opportunities to play games and win prizes. Come and join the fun!  

For more information or to register for this year’s Leveraging the Laboratory conference, visit

Cory Pedersen (@cpedersen)

Cory Pedersen

Cory Pedersen is a senior marketing specialist for Mayo Clinic Laboratories.