A clear picture for patients with brain tumors  

MayoComplete provides the genetic information you need to tailor treatment

To diagnose and treat patients with brain tumors, you need complete, clear insights into tumor composition and potential patient therapeutic response. At Mayo Clinic Laboratories, our genetic testing is backed by a team of pathologists and geneticists who review test findings and provide an integrated, comprehensive report to guide treatment strategies that are best for patients.

Behind the scenes at Mayo Clinic Laboratories

Our laboratories test brain tumors daily from around the world, including many rare tumors. As brain tumor diagnoses become increasingly complex, this depth of experience allows our pathologists and geneticists to generate unique insights and provide relevant context for you and your patients.

Key testing

Detect mutations and rearrangements

Detect copy number variants

Predict therapy response

By the numbers


brain tumors tested annually from patients around the world


of patients received one or more clinically actionable findings from comprehensive molecular and cytogenetic testing*


genes assessed for mutations and 81 genes assessed for rearrangements in our neuro-oncology next-generation sequencing panel

Transforming brain cancer care

Ongoing, rapid advancements in cancer biomarker discovery and treatments, combined with the need for genetic testing to determine eligibility for certain therapies, require a dynamic testing approach that meets the needs of every patient. Our MayoComplete neuro-oncology panel evaluates mutations and rearrangements in 160 genes, including most abnormalities described by the World Health Organization 2021 classifications. Designed by geneticists in our Division of Laboratory Genetics and Genomics, our panel includes only clinically relevant genes selected for diagnostic, prognostic, and theranostic associations.

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Designed using Mayo Clinic’s extensive clinical experience and informed by the latest in cancer biomarker discovery and treatments, our suite of MayoComplete next-generation sequencing panels puts patients on the right path.

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*Data from a Mayo Clinic study of 400 adult glioma patients.