What started as a search for historical tidbits for a "Jeopardy-style game" about the role of women in Mayo Clinic's history turned into something much more once Virginia Wright-Peterson, Ph.D., a former Mayo administrator, began looking through Mayo's archives. She wanted to introduce others to these women who, the paper says, not only "bumped up against" but "broke through the glass ceiling of the times" to help Mayo Clinic become what it is today.

By Alyssa Frank • March 10, 2016

The Joint Trauma System Team was recently honored with the newly created Military Health System (MHS) Battlefield Innovation Award for exceptional work in combat care over the last 10 years. The MHS created this award to recognize an initiative that has improved the way the combat care unit treats injured U.S. soldiers on the battlefield. View the article to learn how Mayo Clinic's Transfusion Medicine team helped implement this first-of-its kind initiative.

By Kelley Luedke • March 9, 2016

Influenza is a serious viral infection that can cause illness, hospitalizations, and thousands of deaths every year in the U.S. To learn more about influenza, the Mayo Clinic Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology and its reference laboratory Mayo Medical Laboratories have developed “The ABCs of Influenza” flash cards.

By Alyssa Frank • March 8, 2016

Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) are malignant hematopoietic stem cell disorders that occur primarily in the older adult population and have a yearly incidence of 30 in 100,000 in persons 70 years and older. The eventual clinical outcome for patients with MDS relates to either bone marrow failure or leukemic transformations.

By Kelley Luedke • March 7, 2016

In the early 1960s, the Virology and Immunology Laboratories of the Section of Microbiology were established when Dr. E. C. Herrmann and Dr. Harold Markowitz joined the staff. Remodeling and extension of the Microbiology Section on third floor, Plummer Building, were undertaken to provide facilities for the two laboratories. Check out the photos below to see various areas of the laboratories.

By Alyssa Frank • March 3, 2016

Credit palm trees and ocean breezes for one of the most significant research advances in recent Mayo history. Mayo Clinic Jacksonville’s sunny location was a major factor in luring to the Mayo system an internationally known scientist with an unusual and exciting capability — the ability to synthesize chemical compounds.

By Alyssa Frank • February 25, 2016

If you needed medical care in Southeast Minnesota during the time of President William McKinley — 1899 to be exact — you came to Saint Marys Hospital, the early ancestor to today's Mayo Clinic Hospital — Rochester, Saint Marys Campus. View this post to see how Saint Marys has changed from 1899.

By Alyssa Frank • February 18, 2016

In 1918, the aeolian pipe organ was known as “the millionaire’s organ,” which could be played manually or with paper rolls similar to player piano cylinders. The organ was installed in the Will Mayo house, now called the Foundation House. Over the years, the organ deteriorated. However, in the 1980s, thanks to Dr. Theodore Martens and a couple of his electronically gifted friends, the old organ was once again on line for music, interfacing with digital tapes.

By Alyssa Frank • February 11, 2016

Helping a new employee to become a part of the Mayo Clinic family has been and will always be an important concern of members of the Personnel Section. Take a look back at the program in 1960.

By Alyssa Frank • February 4, 2016

January is National Blood Donor Month, honoring current donors and encouraging others to give. Mayo Clinic reporter Vivien Williams recently caught up with Justin Kreuter, M.D., Director of Mayo’s Blood Donor Center, to talk about blood donation, why blood is often in short supply in the winter, and they also visited the Blood Donor Center in the Hilton Building to see donors and staff in action. Watch the video.

By Kelley Luedke • January 29, 2016

Dr. Charlie, the younger Mayo brother, was considered more informal and approachable than Dr. Will, but both brothers were equally esteemed by patients and colleagues. Take a look back through the years with quotes from Dr. Charlie.

By Alyssa Frank • January 28, 2016

Dr. Will, the elder Mayo brother, was an internationally acclaimed surgeon and ambassador of the medical profession. Take a look back through the years with quotes from Dr. Will.

By Alyssa Frank • January 21, 2016

Infectious diarrhea is a common and usually self-limited illness. While most patients with infectious causes of diarrhea will get better on their own, there are certain scenarios in which testing is indicated. The The FilmArray gastrointestinal panel is a multiplex PCR test delivering rapid and cost-effective testing results. It is capable of detecting DNA or RNA of 22 pathogens in approximately 1 hour from stool submitted to the laboratory.

By Kelley Luedke • January 15, 2016