Week in Review

Top highlights include: how medical schools are battling stereotypes about elderly patients, five Mayo Clinic sites receive patient-care award, multiple myeloma subtypes linked to patients’ African ancestry, what to know about antibiotic resistance, and why you need your flu shot now.

By gmchiri • October 19, 2018

Top highlights include: rate of new Ebola cases has doubled since September, rare paralysis cases in children are investigated in Minnesota, should you get a 3D mammogram, new diagnostic criteria for spontaneous spinal cord infarction, and Mayo Clinic researchers identify gene types driving racial disparities in myeloma.

By gmchiri • October 12, 2018

Top highlights include: fasting could be the fountain of youth, how scientists are treating breast cancer using the immune system, more than 1 in 3 adults eat fast food on any given day, Mayo Clinic discovery could extend quality of life, and Mayo researchers identify potential new treatment for subset of women with triple-negative breast cancer.

By gmchiri • October 5, 2018

Top highlights include: newborn syphilis cases in U.S. reach 20 year high; gene editing could eliminate mosquitoes; Mayo Clinic stars in new Ken Burns documentary; antidepressants, psychotherapy may help ease irritable bowel syndrome; and Mayo Clinic announces nearly $1 billion in expansion projects.

By gmchiri • September 28, 2018

Top highlights include: low-carb diet better when it includes more vegetables and nuts, eating junk food tied to higher risk of numerous cancers, how long does the flu last and how long is it contagious, Mayo study links ovary removals with increased risk of kidney failure, and opioid controlled-substance agreements safely reduce health care visits.

By gmchiri • September 21, 2018

Top highlights this week: FDA takes historic action on youth e-cigarette epidemic, Minnesotans’ obesity rate lower than other Midwest states, “Battle of the Badges” blood drive kicks off in Olmsted county, scientists engineered nearly 4,000 mutations of a breast-cancer gene, and the Asian longhorned tick finds its way to the U.S.

By gmchiri • September 14, 2018

Top highlights include: early menopause in 64% of young lung cancer patients; later breakfast, earlier dinner might help you shed body fat; Mayo Clinic announces $800 million worth of projects in Arizona, Florida; dietary supplement in sports drinks may control growth of HER2-positive breast cancer; and Mayo Clinic joins hospitals to launch a not-for-profit generic drug company.

By gmchiri • September 7, 2018

Top highlights this week include: how Mayo Clinic built its reputation as a leading hospital, what you need to know about treadmill desks, ASU and Mayo research collaboration seeks early diagnosis for Parkinson’s, screening planned for Ken Burns documentary about Mayo Clinic, and Mayo Clinic researchers identify a potential new approach to treat HER2 positive breast cancer.

By gmchiri • August 31, 2018

Top highlights this week include: rate of pregnant women addicted to opioids skyrocketed in 15 years, life expectancy declines seen in U.S. and other high-income countries, Mayo Clinic crowned atop “best hospitals” list for fourth time in five years, new birth center coming to Austin Mayo Clinic campus, and minimally invasive back surgery puts fear and pain in the past.

By gmchiri • August 24, 2018

Top highlights this week include: scientists race to improve living drugs to fight cancer, CDC monitoring measles outbreak in 21 states, many breast cancer survivors do not receive recommended mammograms, troubling rise in pregnancy-related heart problems, and Mayo Clinic ranked no. 1 hospital nationwide by U.S. News & World Report.

By gmchiri • August 17, 2018

Top highlights this week include: inducing labor at 39 weeks for healthy pregnancies may improve outcomes for mothers, gut bacteria a factor in weight loss, researchers discover gene mutations linked with aggressive breast cancer, a new look at tobacco use and headaches, and Mayo Clinic opens new building for cancer and neurology patients.

By gmchiri • August 10, 2018

Top highlights this week include: gender inequality still plagues the health care industry, how the medical community is working to prevent suicides, use of prescription opioids in U.S. remains high, regular sauna users may have fewer chronic diseases, and when to use and not use antibiotics.

By gmchiri • August 3, 2018

Top highlights this week include: pediatricians raise concern about health effects of some food coloring and additives, tight blood pressure control can cut memory loss, U.S. “most dangerous” place to give birth in developed world, genetic susceptibility to pancreatic cancer linked to 6 specific gene mutations, and how to avoid foodborne illness.

By gmchiri • July 27, 2018