What’s New in Health Care Reform

Top highlights this week include: Trump to push rapid repeal of Obamacare, bill to block insurance bailout, FDA puts off closing lab-test loophole, Obamacare defense strategy, and 1 million new ACA sign-ups so far.

By Andy Tofilon • November 23, 2016

Top highlights this week include: Insurers brace for Obamacare upheaval, Trump to consider leaving some parts of Obamacare in place, updated Trump health proposals, millions could lose Medicaid coverage under Trump plan, and Trump picks team for health care transition.

By Andy Tofilon • November 16, 2016

Top highlights this week include: HealthCare.gov straining to keep up with enrollees, hope for robust Obamacare enrollment, public option for U.S. health insurance, Anthem may leave Obamacare markets in 2018, and Obamacare goes after millennials.

By Andy Tofilon • November 9, 2016

Top highlights this week include: U.S. behind others in access to care, Obamacare rising rates, Minnesota health rate spike 4th highest in nation, health law tax penalty, and challenges of health law coverage expansion.

By Andy Tofilon • November 2, 2016

Top highlights this week include: Rising insurance premiums, HHS projects 1.1 million new people to sign up for Obamacare next year, 27 million still uninsured under Obamacare, enrollment caps on Minnesota health insurance plans, and Republicans reject Obama’s take on health law.

By Andy Tofilon • October 26, 2016

Top highlights this week include: New simple choice plans on healthcare.gov, changing marketplace plans, more than 1 million Obamacare customers to lose coverage, comparison tool for health plan networks, and Medicaid spending and enrollment growth decreased in 2016.

By Andy Tofilon • October 19, 2016

Top highlights this week include: Some Americans might have too much health coverage, rising Medicaid drug costs, rising health care premiums, governments pick plans for displaced health care customers, and Obamacare settlements.

By Andy Tofilon • October 12, 2016

Top highlights this week include: Obamacare’s millennial problem, ailing Obama health care act, using obscure funds to pay billions to ACA insurers, ACA hasn’t changed effects of “churning,” and 2.5 million people may be eligible for ACA subsidies.

By Andy Tofilon • October 5, 2016

Top highlights this week include: Expansion of services with no cost-sharing for women, Blue Cross of Nebraska dropping out of Obamacare market, Medicare Advantage premiums to fall in 2017, Medicaid expansion, and MNsure funding.

By Andy Tofilon • September 28, 2016

Top highlights this week include: Employers’ insurance cost slows, employer premiums higher than ACA rates, health law expanded coverage for ex-inmates, Epi-Pen increased costs, and securing Obamacare’s legacy.

By Andy Tofilon • September 21, 2016

Top highlights this week include: Uninsured rate goes down, reality of the health insurance market, insurance executives ask for changes to Obamacare, new “simple choice plans” for 2017, and voters’ top health care issues.

By Andy Tofilon • September 14, 2016

Top highlights this week include: Hospitals see decline in charity care costs, analysis predicts 10.1 million will be enrolled in exchanges at end of 2016, Medicare’s new doctor payment system, marketplace consumers will have affordable coverage options, and Obamacare subsidies preserve access as premiums climb.

By Andy Tofilon • September 7, 2016

Top highlights this week include: Ending duplicate health care coverage, small businesses restore group health coverage, Obamacare options, fear for competition on exchanges, and saving money with insurance policies.

By Andy Tofilon • August 31, 2016