What’s New in Health Care Reform

Top highlights this week include: number of opioid prescriptions falls for fifth year in a row, Arizona launches first 24-hour opioid hotline in the nation, Mayo Biobank collaborates with company seeking to identify Alzheimer’s risk, alternative medicines for Alzheimer’s, and many breast cancer survivors not getting needed mammograms.

By Andy Tofilon • June 13, 2018

Top highlights this week include: Clues to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s from how you use your computer; physical therapists look to expand role; ER spending rises with increasing prices, severity of visits; start colon cancer screening at 45, not 50, American Cancer Society urges; and the largest health disparity we don’t talk about.

By Andy Tofilon • June 6, 2018

Top highlights this week include: Hospitals see growing numbers of kids and teens at risk for suicide, more U.S. adults try vaping but current use is down, U.S. to contribute up to $7 million to fight Ebola outbreak, after long decline, death rates from prostate cancer stop falling, and with death rate up, U.S. life expectancy is likely down again.

By Andy Tofilon • May 30, 2018

Top highlights this week include: Routine DNA screening moves into primary care, more U.S. kids overdosing on ADHD drugs, VA signs $10B deal with Cerner, FDA looking at ways to include price info in drug ads, and U.S. fertility rate fell to a record low for second straight year.

By Andy Tofilon • May 23, 2018

Top highlights this week include: Q&A with CEO John Noseworthy, M.D., on Mayo Clinic’s future; for every woman who dies in childbirth in the U.S., 70 more come close; more Americans suffer major depression; fentanyl deaths on the rise in Minnesota; and the burnout crisis in American medicine.

By Andy Tofilon • May 16, 2018

Top highlights this week include: The U.S. is facing an EpiPen shortage, how Mayo Clinic’s prescribing guidelines are cutting opioid prescriptions by half, virtual doctor visits are getting more popular, FDA extends deadline to revamp nutrition facts labels, and Mayo Clinic installs new interactive kiosks in Minnesota.

By Andy Tofilon • May 9, 2018

Top highlights this week include: Minnesota finalizes guidelines for opioid prescriptions; when is it safe to eat salad again; NIH opens nationwide enrollment for huge precision medicine initiative; diseases spread by ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas more than tripled in the U.S. since 2004; and remnant painkillers pose a fatal risk.

By Andy Tofilon • May 2, 2018

Top highlights this week include: For the first time in years, new groups may vie to run organ transplant network; Phoenix Sky Harbor opens first airport health center; anxiety relief without the high; addictive opioids still overprescribed after surgery; and new ideas to boost medical device safety.

By Andy Tofilon • April 25, 2018

Top highlights this week include: EHRs to drive federal health IT spending by 2023, FDA approves first AI software that can identify disease, global leaders seek to reignite fight against deadly malaria, drug test spurs frank talk between hypertension patients and doctors, and many people taking antidepressants discover they cannot quit.

By Andy Tofilon • April 18, 2018

Top highlights this week: How mega-mergers are changing the business of medical care, reinsurance pools, CVS to offer discount to uninsured for anti-overdose drug, scientists push plan to change how researchers define Alzheimer’s, Minnesota’s premature death rate lowest in the nation, and flu season is not over yet.

By Andy Tofilon • April 11, 2018

Top highlights include: Walmart’s new growth strategy in health care, coffee must carry cancer warning in Cali, highly drug-resistant gonorrhea confirmed by health officials, drug-resistant “nightmare bacteria” pose growing threat, and older Americans are hooked on vitamins despite scarce evidence they work.

By Andy Tofilon • April 4, 2018

Top highlights this week include: Mayo Clinic uses analytics to filter out meaningless data for ICU physicians; FDA moves to limit ingredients for bulk drug compounding; U.S. regulators renew scrutiny of menthol, tobacco flavors; examining the health benefits of a daily glass of wine; and grilling meat may raise risk of high blood pressure.

By Andy Tofilon • March 28, 2018

Top highlights this week: U.S. to cover advanced genomic testing for Medicare cancer patients, hospitals are confronting a new opioid crisis, the struggle to build a massive “biobank” of patient data, Wisconsin Department of Health warns of mysterious Disease X, and hospice patients increase as population ages.

By Kelley Luedke • March 21, 2018