What’s New in Health Care Reform

Top highlights this week include: Treasury not invited to Obamacare meeting, Obamacare effect on start-ups, Obamacare replacement, Republican health care proposal, and stabilizing Obamacare markets.

By Andy Tofilon • February 22, 2017

Top highlights this week include: Top priority for insurers, pilot program for home-based Medicare, Republicans aiming to kill Obamacare, GOP dilemma on health care taxes, and 12.2 million sign up for Obamacare.

By Andy Tofilon • February 15, 2017

Top highlights this week include: Obamacare repeal starts this spring, homeless worry about Obamacare coverage repeal, Obamacare replacement might take a year, drop in late Obamacare enrollment appears to be a Trump effect, and employers fear GOP health overhaul could damage job-based insurance.

By Andy Tofilon • February 8, 2017

Top highlights this week include: Trump order on regulations could create hurdles for FDA, Cures Act; Obamacare anxiety grows for insurers; Obamacare repeal could threaten provisions that help older adults; medical supplies would be hit by Trump’s proposed 20% tax on Mexican imports; and Republicans have plans to replace Obamacare, but now they need to agree on one.

By Andy Tofilon • February 1, 2017

Top highlights this week include: Price to face grilling on Trump’s order to weaken Obamacare, GOP senators debut health plan with state option to keep ACA exchanges, easing the burdens of Obamacare, how Trump can use Obamacare to kill Obamacare, and Trump’s health plan would convert Medicaid to block grants.

By Andy Tofilon • January 25, 2017

Top highlights this week include: Trump, Price, and Hill GOP at odds on Obamacare; Trump promises “insurance for everybody” as health law replacement; what the public knows and does not know about Obamacare; waiting on House to repeal Obamacare; and nearly two-thirds say Obamacare replacement must happen with repeal.

By Andy Tofilon • January 18, 2017

Top highlights this week include: The need for ACA replacement; doctors warn against loss of coverage with Obamacare repeal; House GOP plans to send Obamacare repeal to Oval Office in February; Obamacare repeal without replacement; and for some patients in marketplace plans, access to cancer centers is elusive.

By Andy Tofilon • January 11, 2017

Top highlights this week include: After Obama, some health reforms may prove lasting, why Obamacare is unlikely to die a swift death, Obamacare is first item on Congress’ chopping block, Obamacare doesn’t mean higher prices for many, and the U.S. spends more on health care than any other country.

By Andy Tofilon • January 4, 2017

Top highlights this week include: Obamacare recipients go to court to protect funding, fewer people skipping doctor visits under Obamacare, researchers race to copy Obamacare data, HHS reports record ACA sign-ups, and GOP considers holding off on repealing Obamacare taxes.

By Andy Tofilon • December 28, 2016

Top highlights this week include: Obamacare sign-ups close to last year, Democrats open to replacing Obamacare, replacing health care law with universal access, Republicans could keep parts of Obamacare for up to four years, and health insurance sign-ups hit new record.

By Andy Tofilon • December 21, 2016

Top highlights this week include: 52M with pre-existing conditions could be denied coverage without Obamacare, Republicans face dilemma on timing of health-law replacement, length of Obamacare transition still undetermined, chaos under ACA repeal, and Trump vows to lower drug prices.

By Andy Tofilon • December 14, 2016

Top highlights this week include: Obama urges public to tell Republicans not to abandon ACA, national health care spending grew in 2015, Obamacare was profitable for some insurers, how to stop insurers from fleeting after ACA repeal, and Obamacare repeal would make 30 million uninsured.

By Andy Tofilon • December 7, 2016

Top highlights this week include: Changing Medicare and Medicaid, Obamacare rewrite, high-risk insurance pools, stabilized post-Obamacare path, and women could pay more for insurance under Trumpcare.

By Andy Tofilon • November 30, 2016