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PACE / State of CA / State of FL
May 2–3, 2019 | Rochester, Minnesota
This conference will focus on phlebotomy-related topics ranging from collecting samples from pediatric patients and becoming a pediatric technician, to blood cultures and occupational exposure, to blood-borne infections. Topics will also include facing and overcoming challenges in the workplace, developing an onboarding program for new supervisors, the journey to professionalism, and more.

By MCL Education • December 5, 2018

PACE / State of CA / State of FL
This “Phlebotomy” webinar will discuss how a patient’s “experience” is the entirety of all the interactions that person has had within the health care system. Each member of a health care team plays a role in enhancing patient satisfaction, which contributes to the patient experience.

By MCL Education • November 28, 2018

PACE / State of CA / State of FL
This “Virtual Lecture” will discuss the complex factors that determine liver-graft eligibility from both a surgeon’s and pathologist’s perspectives.

By MCL Education • November 26, 2018

PACE / State of CA / State of FL
In this month’s “Virtual Lecture,” Audrey Schuetz, M.D., discusses the diagnosis of a bloodstream infection and how it is one of the most critical functions within a health care team.

By MCL Education • September 20, 2018

This "Specialty Testing" webinar will provide an overview of novel biomarker discoveries and advances being made in the study of autoimmune gliopathies.

By MCL Education • March 1, 2018

PACE / State of CA / State of FL
During this "Phlebotomy" presentation from the live 2017 Phlebotomy Conference, different pain-relieving techniques will be reviewed and critically evaluated for efficacy, as well as solutions to improve workflows and processes in the outpatient and inpatient settings.

By MCL Education • December 6, 2017