The Mayo Clinic Sesquicentennial of 2014 comes 50 years after the Mayo Centennial Year of 1964. The comparisons of these two milestones are interesting.

By Kelley Luedke • May 22, 2014

The Mayo Clinic Mayo-Aero Medical Unit had a widespread ripple effect, contributing to the success of open-heart surgery, commercial and military jet aviation and the space program.

By Kelley Luedke • May 15, 2014

Dr. William J. and Dr. Charles H. Mayo took the legacy that their father, Dr. William Worrall Mayo, started and transformed Mayo Clinic into a health, research and education center known around the world.

By Kelley Luedke • May 8, 2014

Mayo Clinic representatives, Jeffrey Winters, M.D., and Edwin Burgstaler, MT, HP, received recognition at the 2014 ASFA & WAA Joint Conference held in San Francisco, Calif. from April 2-5.

By Kelley Luedke • May 8, 2014

In the April issue of CAP TODAY, Mayo Clinic representatives were interviewed to discuss how the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology reduced office supply expenses to streamline practices and save costs.

By Kelley Luedke • May 2, 2014

From its first issue on April 21, 1926 to present, Mayo Clinic Proceedings has published many landmark articles which document contributions to medicine by Mayo Clinic staff members as well as external colleagues.

By Kelley Luedke • May 1, 2014

In the March issue of Science, Mayo Clinic’s Fergus Couch, Ph.D., was recognized for his participation in the article, “Two Decades After BRCA: Setting Paradigms in Personalized Cancer Care and Prevention.”

By Kelley Luedke • April 22, 2014

The February issue of Transfusion Journal, features James Stubbs’, M.D., Chair of the Mayo Clinic Division of Transfusion Medicine, article, “Wrapping our arms around the cost of transfusion therapy.”

By Kelley Luedke • April 17, 2014

Mayo Clinic representatives discuss mass spectrometry measurements of prostate-specific antigen in a recent issue of American Society for Clinical Pathology.

By Kelley Luedke • April 9, 2014

In the February issue of CAP TODAY, Mayo Clinic’s Curtis Hanson, M.D., and James Stubbs, M.D., were interviewed to discuss optimal laboratory utilization.

By Kelley Luedke • March 12, 2014

Renal & Urology News recently reported on the summary of the Human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) breast cancer gene from a paper completed by Mayo Clinic’s John Cheville, M.D. and his colleagues.

By Kelley Luedke • January 30, 2014

Piero Rinaldo, M.D., Ph.D., of the Mayo Clinic Biochemical Genetics Laboratory, has been named the 2013 recipient of the prestigious Robert Guthrie Award.

By Kelley Luedke • January 28, 2014

In the January issue of Clinical Lab Products, Robin Patel, M.D., was interviewed to discuss advances in molecular testing at Mayo Clinic.

By Kelley Luedke • January 24, 2014