An algorithmic approach to testing

Thoughtfully crafted algorithms with patients at heart

At Mayo Clinic Laboratories, algorithmic approaches for patients with hematologic disorders are commonly utilized to provide optimal testing without large, all-encompassing test panels. In collaboration with Mayo Clinic clinicians and laboratory directors, our algorithms are designed to diagnose and treat our own patients as well as yours. We only perform testing that is clinically proven to make a difference in the care of patients and automatically perform any additional testing needed only when appropriate. Our algorithmic approaches to testing not only benefit patients, but also provide cost savings to your institution by ordering the right test at the right time. Mayo Clinic Laboratories freely offers 31 algorithms specific for hematology testing.

Case study: von Willebrand cost savings

Our algorithmic approach to testing consistently yields cost-saving benefits for laboratories. On average for every 100 patients who require von Willebrand testing:

  • Profile testing for von willebrand commonly includes multimer analysis 
  • Using our algorithmic approach, only 30 patients required additional multimer testing after initial workup
  • Our algorithmic approach saved hospitals up to $19,500 per 100 patients

Hematology algorithms

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