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Identifying abnormalities to guide prognosis and treatment.

A patient-centered, value-based approach to testing.

Leukemia’s can be highly complex diseases that are a bit like putting together a puzzle. You have to have all the pieces to see the full and complete picture. At Mayo Clinic Laboratories, we offer a spectrum of tests including Flow, chromosomes, FISH, and molecular focused on this disease state.  We strive to provide the highest quality services available to complement your clinical practice. We provide accurate results and expert interpretation from a highly focused team of laboratory specialists.

IGHV and TP53 Sequencing: Clinical Utility in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)

Our goals today are, first of all, to understand the use of prognostic markers in CLL patients; second, to highlight the importance of molecular analyses for IGHV and TP53 sequencing in CLL patients; third, to understand how IGHV mutation analysis provides prognostic information in CLL and can help inform clinicians about possible treatment decisions; and, finally, recognizing that TP53 mutations identified by sequencing studies are associated with poor outcomes, since those patients are more likely to be resistant to standard therapeutic regimens.

Additional Resources

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