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Hematology Lab Insights

Mayo Clinic’s hematology lab helps diagnose and treat the full spectrum of hematologic disorders. Whether it be coagulation disorders lymphoma, myeloid neoplasms, or plasma cell neoplasms, our specialists have developed and validated practice-based, data-driven algorithms that improve patient care.

Neurology Lab Insights

Mayo Clinic’s Neurology lab offers the most complex, clinically validated testing for Alzheimer’s disease, autoimmune neurologic disorders, CNS Demyelinating disease, multiple sclerosis, neurogenetics, and sleep disorders. Our disease experts support health care professionals in test selection and result interpretation to ensure the highest quality neurological care.

Oncology Lab Insights

Our oncology lab at Mayo Clinic provides testing that helps diagnose and treat a full spectrum of malignancies. From colorectal and GI to lung cancer, neuro-oncology and sarcoma, our oncology lab works to provide testing options that improve patient care, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

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