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Quality Dashboard 1.0

The first major release of the Mayo Clinic Laboratories Quality Dashboard is coming soon. Based on extensive user feedback, here are some of the new features and enhancements.

Key Features and Enhancements



We have heard you loud and clear. Laboratorians need access to the raw data so they can do what they do best: analyze data. While the online dashboards are designed to give an explanatory view of your data, export allows you to download and explore data in the software of your choosing.

Table Sort

To create an Excel-like table sort functionality, our programmers built a custom extension so you can interact with data tables as fluidly as possible.

Open Design

To ensure that you can efficiently view the discrete dashboard elements, our design team has introduced a less condensed dashboard design. Additional refinements related to typography, wayfinding, and in-dashboard user notes have also been incorporated.

Account Legend

Color legends for all accounts included in the view have been standardized to be included on the top right side of the dashboard. A color-blind-friendly palette will also be applied at launch.

Viz Scaling

Dynamic scaling has been applied to the visualization axis range to optimize the space available.

Updated Labels and Descriptions

Based on your feedback, field labels have been updated to better describe metrics and values. Additional explanations have also been added throughout the dashboards.


SOC2 Compliance

The procedures and activity of delivering the data onto the dashboards has been audited to ensure security and privacy for our clients.

HIPAA Compliance

Mayo Clinic Laboratories dashboards are now HIPAA compliant, with rigorous processes now in place to log user access to the dashboards set.


Simplified Snapshots

We have removed dashboard elements that did not add value such as the monthly average KPI. This results in a much cleaner trending view of the quality metric.

Color Legends

To ensure that you can easily identify the accounts included in the visualization, legends have been added to each section of the Executive Summary.

Filter by Month

A common enhancement request was to be able to filter to a set number of months. As a result, we have added a “Months in view” filter to the summary.


New Trending Views

To create a more powerful summary, two new visualizations have been added:

  • Tests by Cancelled Test Volume
  • Cancelled Reasons by Ordered Test Volume

Viz Filtering

Click action logic has been implemented to allow you to click on the trend visualizations to view trend analysis for a particular test or cancel reason.

Details View

A new tabular view has been added.


Top Ten Revised Visualization

A new visualization has been added to the revised dashboard, showing the top ten revised tests by test volume.

Details View

A new tabular view has been added.


Simplified Summary and Detailed Views

Turnaround time (TAT) is one of the most viewed and studied quality metric. As a result, the turnaround time dashboard has been split into two unique views:

  • The summary view provides high-level trending including total ordered tests, tests meeting TAT, and percentage meeting published TAT.
  • The same trending data is displayed in a new tabular view


Top Call Reasons

The key question users are trying to answer with the service call dashboard is why are we talking to Mayo. To help quickly answer this question, a top 10 service call visualization has been added, but a user can filter by any number.

Call Direction Clarity

The Service Calls dashboard has been updated to clearly distinguish calls from Mayo and to Mayo.


Simplified Time Ranges

We have simplified the time ranges included on the dashboard. Negative values related to referral tests have been removed and are now labeled as "0 minutes". The "0 minutes" value indicates that Mayo called related to a referral test prior to the result being released by the referral lab.