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This week's research roundup features a study on late relapses in patient with diffuse large b-cell lymphoma who were treated with immunochemotherapy.
By Alyssa Frank • June 17, 2019
Top highlights include: study finds more donor hearts are from opioid overdoses, invasive ticks are here to stay, and hospitals are looking to reduce opioid use.
By Suzanne R. Ferguson • June 14, 2019
Rondell P. Graham, M.B.B.S., gives an overview of this test available through Mayo Clinic Laboratories. He discusses when this testing should be ordered, how this testing improves upon previous testing approaches, what clinical action can be taken due to the results of this testing.
By Alyssa Frank • June 12, 2019
Every week, Mayo Clinic microbiologist Bobbi Pritt, M.D., posts a new Parasite Wonders case. This week's case, generously donated by Dr. Tara Ness, with filming credit to the Lab Hlathi Team in eSwatini. See a video of this parasite here. The following arthropod was found in the urine specimen of a man with HIV and a history of dysuria. What's the identification?
By Bobbi Pritt, M.D. • June 12, 2019
Patients with autoimmune myelopathy present with subacute onset and rapid progression of spinal cord symptoms (weakness, gait difficulties, loss of sensation, neuropathic pain, and bowel and bladder dysfunction). Autoimmune myelopathy evaluation of serum and spinal fluid can assist in the diagnosis and aid distinction from other causes of myelopathy (multiple sclerosis, sarcoidosis, and vascular disease). Early diagnosis may assist in diagnosis of occult cancer, prompt initiation of immune therapies, or both.
By Alyssa Frank • June 12, 2019
Top highlights include: a new study shows white meat may be bad for cholesterol level, Mayo Clinic receives gift to boost research and companies are reporting progress on cancer blood tests.
By Suzanne R. Ferguson • June 7, 2019