We're a different kind of reference lab

A shared perspective

Mayo Clinic Laboratories isn’t just a reference lab. We’re also the diagnostic lab for a hospital, just like your lab. So we know the many benefits of keeping tests as close to patients as possible. We’ll help your lab maximize its capabilities by keeping tests in-house whenever it makes sense for you and your patients. And we’re here to help you answer the toughest clinical questions with access to the world’s most sophisticated test catalog and thousands of Mayo Clinic experts. That's why we're different from other reference labs — and we think it makes all the difference.

See how our laboratory operations team processes up to 40,000 patient specimens daily, delivering them safely to our laboratories for testing.

Numbers that make a difference

Together, we have the expertise and knowledge to deliver care efficiently and effectively.


50 years of helping hospitals maximize the value of their labs


3,800 tests and pathology services to answer the most difficult clinical questions


27 million tests performed annually that deliver fast, accurate answers


4,500 Mayo Clinic physicians and scientists available for consultation 24/7

Better financial performance  

The financial pressure on hospitals is growing. We feel it, too. To help, we can support your hospital lab by evaluating current utilization, capacity, and processes to help reduce waste, find efficiencies, and maximize capabilities for optimal financial performance.

Better patient care

As a hospital-based reference lab, care is at our core. Patient care and satisfaction are our top priorities. It’s why we exist. And it's why we work tirelessly with hospitals like yours — because we’re guided by the same goals and values. By collaborating, we can ensure patients are getting the quickest, most accurate answers for the best outcomes possible.

Our specialty testing

Achieving lab greatness

Find out how a collaboration with Mayo Clinic Laboratories helped Cayuga Medical Center double its lab business and turn its hospital lab into a profit and value center.

Let's create the new standard of diagnostic care, together.