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Therapeutics testing covers a wide-range of areas from controlled substance monitoring to pharmacogenomics (PGx). We provide access to Mayo Clinic experts and a test menu developed through evidence-driven clinical innovation to help clinicians guide patient care.

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laboratory tests developed for our specialized therapeutics test menu


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An individualized approach

When PGx is incorporated into clinical practice, drug selection is enhanced with the genetic profile of individual patients, improving the clinician’s ability to avoid adverse drug reactions and maximize therapeutic efficacy.

Differences that matter

We understand that interpreting testing results can be tricky, so we provide health care providers with customized clinical guidance based on testing results.


Access to Mayo Clinic expertise

When you partner with Mayo Clinic Laboratories, you extend your network to include some of
the world’s leading genetic experts. Mayo Clinic clinicians, laboratorians, and genetic counselors are available to discuss testing options, interpret
results, or help with case review and coordination

Pain Managment Testing in the Opioid Crisis and Beyond

In this “Virtual Lecture,” Christine Snozek, Ph.D., discusses the opioid epidemic as it relates to pain management along with what changes have been made regarding regulations and laboratory support.

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