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Addiction rehabilitation monitoring

Urine drug testing to monitor and support patient recovery

As part of an evidence-based addiction treatment program, comprehensive urine drug testing (UDT) can serve as a therapeutic tool to assess and manage patients across all phases of recovery from substance use disorders.1 Use of objective measures, such as laboratory testing, to assess recent drug use and establish clinical goals enables successful patient rehabilitation and recovery. Understanding which substances patients have ingested improves providers’ abilities to determine the efficacy of the treatment plan and provide motivation or reinforcement for abstinence.

Testing services

Advancing the field of addiction medicine

The Clinical Forensic and Toxicology Laboratory works collaboratively with the Clinical Mass Spectrometry Laboratory to develop and validate drug testing in partnership with Mayo Clinic’s addiction specialists. Our clinically driven evaluations are backed by more than 45 years of clinical patient experience and expertise and deliver accurate, actionable results that clarify substance use for improved outcomes. Our experts are available to discuss unexpected or unexplained results, provide ordering guidance, and offer testing education free of charge to our clients.

Mayo Clinic is engaged in ongoing research on drug addiction and substance use disorders and offers several clinical trials to advance understanding of the condition. Check out our Clinical Trials page to learn more.

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