Chain of custody testing

Scrupulous care to document legality

At Mayo Clinic Laboratories, chain of custody drug testing is performed under controlled conditions at our CLIA-certified Clinical and Forensic Toxicology Laboratory in Rochester, Minnesota. We offer the chain of custody process documentation for many of our clinical drug tests. Per regulatory requirements, all chain of custody urine samples submitted receive adulterant testing and confirmation of all presumptive positive screening results.

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Our laboratory experts adhere to the highest quality standards to ensure chain of custody drug test results are documented correctly, providing clients the confidence to support forensic patient care.

The chain of custody documentation process provides:

  • Clear and unique identification of the subject being tested.
  • Clear and unique labeling of the specimen.
  • Identification of all persons who handle the specimen — legible signature required.
  • A historical record of events, with action dates clearly stated.
  • Security of the specimen using a sealed, tamper-evident process.

Please note, Mayo Clinic Laboratories does not perform workplace drug testing. Any specimens submitted for workplace drug testing purposes will be canceled immediately.

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Chain of custody kit

To simplify the chain of custody ordering process, Mayo Clinic Laboratories offers a convenient Chain of Custody test kit (T282), which includes the Chain of Custody request form, appropriate specimen containers, seals, and required documentation.



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