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Collaborating with commercial laboratories to provide access to Mayo Clinic tests and services

Our mission is to ensure all patients have access to the most advanced care. We work with health care providers and other laboratories to deliver unparalleled expertise, an expansive test menu, and the latest in diagnostic testing.

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Our 2021 impact

We're dedicated to your patients' health and well-being, and proud of the outcomes we achieve.


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At Mayo Clinic Laboratories, laboratory medicine is about more than a test result — it’s about everything that contributes to the delivery of answers for your patients.

Comprehensive testing

Our subspeciality laboratories support the world’s most sophisticated testing menu, including the most advanced diagnostics and newly developed tests.

Patient-centric innovation

We take the lead in developing new tests that advance medicine, which we validate every day in the Mayo Clinic practice.


The right test for the right reason

Mayo Clinic experts develop our unique algorithmic testing approaches with a focus on the patient care experience.

24/7 support

Unmatched service and support bring Mayo Clinic care to our commercial laboratory partners. Live customer service representatives are available to answer questions via phone or email 24 hours a day, every day.


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