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Mayo Clinic Laboratories is a one-stop laboratory solution, offering commercial laboratories a vast testing menu, unparalleled customer service, and optimized processes. We work collaboratively with partners to assess their needs, providing the testing they need to expand into new areas and meet their business goals.

As the reference lab for Mayo Clinic, we’ve developed robust logistics and testing protocols applied uniformly for all specimens received, no matter their geographic origin. Whether you send us one test order or thousands, each sample receives the same treatment and level of care, ensuring superior results that help our partners better serve their clients.

“Our clients want personal experiences. They want someone to answer the phone. They want someone to provide answers when they're looking for results of a sample sent a couple days ago. and we deliver those answers.

Angie Reese-Davis, director of operations, logistics, and specimen services, Mayo Clinic Laboratories

Our difference

Quality testing
For more than 50 years, Mayo Clinic Laboratories has been a dependable source for high-performing laboratory testing, providing rare and complex assays as well as routine testing to Mayo Clinic patients and clients around the globe. Our collaborative commercial laboratory relationships support and complement local care delivery, allowing clients to expand into new areas of specialized diagnostics through access to esoteric, clinically relevant testing. 

Customer support
We prioritize customer service and set the standard for other commercial laboratories. We’re committed to supporting our partners’ business and operational relevance and equipping clients with tools and tactics to save time and resources. These include, among others, a dedicated team of specialists who value collaboration and quality; an interface to streamline ordering and resulting; 24/7 live support through our call center; and analytics dashboards to assess quality metrics.

Streamlined logistics
From test ordering to shipping to processing, our optimized protocols increase efficiencies. We value every client and do not differentiate between samples. Continuous test processing places samples from external clients alongside Mayo Clinic patients and enables faster results.

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