The future of comprehensive cancer care

Mayo Clinic Laboratories takes the lead in designing and optimizing oncology testing based on specific cancer types. Our comprehensive test menu includes evaluations that aid in providing both diagnostic and prognostic information and treatment selection guidance across the full spectrum of malignancies. By offering testing for both acquired and inherited cancers in one place, we serve as the singular source for all cancer testing.

Tests like these assure patients get the best cancer care, as clinicians use these results to determine the best treatment strategies based on the patient’s tumor profile – it’s really that simple,”

Benjamin Kipp, Ph.D., chair of the Division of Laboratory Genetics and Genomics

Our difference

Clinically meaningful oncology testing
Encompassing more than 100 solid tumor evaluations, our testing provides diagnostic and prognostic answers to help guide treatment selection across the spectrum of malignancies by only including genes proven to impact patient outcomes. This eliminates confusing results, decreases the cost of testing, and leads to better patient care.

Integrated care for patients with cancer
We’ve taken the lead in designing and optimizing testing to guide patient care based on specific tumors. Our experience with clinical care is integrated with our expertise in pathology, genetics, and bioinformatics to direct gene selection for each panel and how these panels are used in a clinical setting.

Turning complex genetic results into actionable insights
Including more than 20 board-certified geneticists specializing in molecular and cytogenic diagnostic testing, our integrated team of clinical, genetic, and laboratory testing experts is available 24/7 to provide expertise and consultative support, removing the guesswork from test selection and results interpretation.

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