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Guiding diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy options.

Our comprehensive test menu includes testing to aid in providing both diagnostic and prognostic information and in treatment selection across the full spectrum of malignancies. Each assay is developed and validated in collaboration with Mayo Clinic oncologists, pathologists, and laboratorians. Through our clinical experience and expertise, we strive to provide testing options that improve patient care, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

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We're dedicated to our patients' health and well-being,
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genetic tests developed for solid tumors


areas of specialized oncology testing


board-certified geneticists
specializing in molecular and
cytogenetic diagnostic testing


support from Mayo Clinic physicians and scientists

Diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive testing

Our comprehensive menu offers testing to provide diagnostic and prognostic information and helps guide treatment selection across the full spectrum of malignancies. Our tumor-specific panels only include genes that are clinically proven to impact patient outcomes. This eliminates confusing results, decreases the cost of testing, and leads to better patient care.

Integration of clinical care, pathology, genetics, and bioinformatics

We take the lead in designing and optimizing testing to guide patient care based on specific tumors. Our experience with clinical care is integrated with our expertise in pathology, genetics, and bioinformatics to direct which genes are selected for each panel and how these panels are used in a clinical setting.

Providing answers,
not just results

Genetic testing is about more than just determining whether a mutation is present or not. We take complex genetic results and turn them into clinically actionable answers. Our clinicians, laboratorians, and genetic counselors are available 24/7 to provide expertise and consultative support, eliminating the guesswork from results interpretation.

New Test Options for NTRK Gene Fusions

The presence of NTRK gene fusions is one of the eligibility requirements for the recently FDA-approved therapy Vitrakvi (larotrectinib), a therapy indicated in adult and pediatric patients with solid tumors regardless of the type of tumor. NTRK gene fusions have been described in many cancers at various frequencies, including common cancers such as lung, thyroid, and colorectal.

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