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Comprehensive diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive testing

Oncology testing is rapidly advancing — from new technology and discoveries in molecular biomarkers to emerging therapies. Mayo Clinic Laboratories innovates at the speed of medical advancement, and offers comprehensive options for diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive lung cancer testing. 

Guiding treatment selection

Lung cancer treatment options are selected based on
molecular test results, and proper treatment selection directly impacts patient outcomes. Selecting the most appropriate treatment — whether standard, off-label, or clinical trials — begins with high-quality molecular testing.

Providing results for more patients

Accurate results are the first step to timely, effective, and efficient patient care. Unlike other laboratories, our specimen requirements are optimized to conserve tissue, which makes results available for more patients.

Interpretation by Mayo Clinic experts

Your results are interpreted by Mayo Clinic physicians with
expertise in pulmonary oncology. Each report integrates
patient information with supporting references. This provides
patient-specific context and a better understanding of the
treatment path ahead.

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