Providing a
clear picture

Supporting patient care

At Mayo Clinic, we offer a comprehensive approach to neuro-oncology testing that focuses on the best outcomes for the patient. Our advanced genetic testing combines molecular and cytogenetic analysis to complement standard morphological and histological assessment. This maximizes the amount of available information and provides a clear picture of the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment options. 

A complete assessment

By performing immunohistochemical, molecular, and cytogenetic
analysis on all patients, our testing approach provides a more complete assessment of the patient’s diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy options.

Actionable answers

Broad molecular and cytogenetic information is needed for all
neuro-oncology patients in order to select the most appropriate treatment options, whether standard, off-label, or clinical trial.

A clear diagnosis

Understanding specific molecular markers is necessary to make a diagnosis that meets classification guidelines and can guide treatment decisions and therapeutic timelines.

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