World-class diagnostic care for pediatric patients    

The new standard in pediatric diagnostic care

Mayo Clinic Laboratories understands your need to deliver timely and exceptional care to your pediatric patients. That’s why we deliver the most patient-focused reference lab experience possible. Unlike other reference labs, we offer advanced and accurate testing methods supported by access to world-renowned Mayo Clinic specialists and over 150 years of experience informing diagnoses and treatment plans to improve the health of children. Because we know it’s not only about giving children the right care, it’s about giving them the best care.

Numbers that set us apart

An unmatched combination of expertise and capabilities you can’t find anywhere else


150 years of experience advancing care and improving the health of children


2,000-plus pediatric tests, many with pediatric reference ranges


4,500 Mayo Clinic physicians and scientists available for consultation 24/7


24/7 customer service center to connect you to the answers you need

No challenge too big — or small

Because of the many important differences between children and adults, our procedures have been specifically adapted or developed for superior pediatric test sensitivity. From managing small sample volumes to providing age-specific reference ranges, the 2,000-plus pediatric tests in our catalog will help your care team and patients get the accurate results you need as quickly as possible.

Our pediatric specialities






Microbiology & Infectious Diseases

Newborn screening






Maximum accuracy, minimally invasive

Every child deserves accurate results. That’s why we’ve developed our pediatric tests to be as minimally invasive as possible, without sacrificing accuracy. This includes low minimum-volume requirements, saliva and blood validation for many genetic tests, and second-tier testing that doesn’t require additional blood draws.

We don’t compete with hospital labs, we support them

As a hospital-based reference lab, we bring a shared business perspective to help you find new financial opportunities within your in-house lab. Our experts work with your team to uncover cost savings and maximize revenue to expand the value of your lab while transforming pediatric patients’ lives.

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